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Ethical Health Care Organization Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Moral Health Care Organization - Case Study Example Once more, I unequivocally accept that in the event that I need my association to be founded on morals than I need to lead and set a model for everybody. Except if, I am playing out my obligations dependent on morals and qualities, I can't anticipate that others should do as such. Setting up tone at the top level-For me to accept and wish that my representatives should followed solid qualities and morals; I need to lead the gathering. On the off chance that I stick to the best expectations of conduct, the remainder of representatives are bound to take action accordingly. In building morals from the beginning To guarantee that the association is based on solid establishment of morals, I might want to impart organization's morals and esteem and guzzle them in all the representatives from the time they are employed. Giving safe channels to workers to report wrong doing-Unless representatives make certain of security and classification, they will be terrified of venturing ahead and educating the administration regarding any kind of wrong doing. I should ensure that the organization has safe channels to report any sort of wrong doings or infringement. Shaped a year back, EDS is a benefit association that intends to turn into a pioneer in giving social insurance administrations, which can be useful to clinical practices in improving their productivity, boost their income potential, and increment operational control. EDS gives back office administrations t... Giving safe channels to representatives to report wrong doing-Unless workers make certain of security and secrecy, they will be frightened of venturing ahead and educating the administration regarding any kind of wrong doing. I should ensure that the organization has safe channels to report any sort of wrong doings or infringement. Presently hardly any things about the Organization-EDS Framed a year prior, EDS is a benefit association that expects to turn into a pioneer in giving social insurance administrations, which can be useful to clinical practices in improving their effectiveness, amplify their income potential, and increment operational control. EDS gives back office administrations to the clinical professionals the whole way across the US from booking an arrangement to handling the protections. This causes the clinical practices to concentrate on their genuine work-that shows restraint care. The organization has a remarkable online application-Synerios that gives a coordinated arrangement of devices for clinical charging, assortments, interpretation, report the executives, electronic clinical records, online clinical flexibly buying, and business office staffing and wellbeing data trade. The organization's application-Synerios depends on the model that clinical works on utilizing this application needn't bother with a major IT staff or an enormous forthright speculation. Our staff deals with the innovation for customers. All that is required by customers is fast Internet access, PC, and a scanner to turn into a progressively proficient and gainful practice. The organization even gives trainings to the customer's staff on utilizing the application proficiently and advantageously Plus EDS has 24 * 7 care staff to deal with

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Business Ethics Eagle Valley Health Foods

Question: Talk about theBusiness Ethicsfor Eagle Valley Health Foods. Answer: Presentation Bird Valley Health Foods is an Australian organization that generally makes sound and natural café that are made of dried products of the soil. Mr. Martin Clifton, the CEO of Eagle Valley Health Foods has the essential goal to grow the profile of the organization by upgrading the Corporate Sustainability of the organization. It is accepted that a superior manageability profile won't just improve the notoriety of the organization however it will likewise help the financial matters of the organization in the long haul. One of the serious issues that are distinguished inside the organization is identified with the improvement of the bundling of the item that is directly produced using polypropylene. It is relied upon to present an increasingly manageable strategy for bundling that will be all the more naturally well disposed. Another difficult that is distinguished is identified with the assembling of the wellbeing bars that expends huge amounts of water. Corporate Social Responsibility Falcon valley Health Companyrequires to actualize corporate social duty as social obligation is basic to a business as it exhibits to the two people just as the media that the organization looks into more extensive common issues that doesn't have any immediate effect on minor benefits. The difficult that is recognized is identified with the assembling of the wellbeing bars that devours colossal amount of water. With the sound social obligation approach, the buying choice of the people will be impacted where the people will look to make a moral buy. This thusly will prompt bigger benefits for the business. For this situation, it is basic for the organization to fabricate a profoundly viewed just as dependable notoriety (Carroll 2015). Bird valley Health Companyrequires to recognize the focal point of the program while actualizing corporate social duty. It may be hard for the association to deal with the issues fittingly. Subsequently, it requires to limit the concentration to a couple of serious issues that will empower the association to get perceived with these reason. Corporate social obligation connects with financial contemplations on various levels. Thus, the organization ought to decide if it would offer materials for a program and encourage laborers to take an interest in assistant endeavors during hours or give cash to a reason (Mirvis 2012). Discoveries and Discussion First Problem and Solution It is critical to concentrate on asset shortage that advances productivity. The shortage of water had expanded as time passes. Water is considered as the establishment of life. The protection of clean water is for the most part advanced by the World Water Council that affected the association to trade musings just as improve organizations that will assist with rationing water. The significant explanation that affected the organization to spare water was long periods of dry spell just as drop of neighborhood water holds. Water discussion is basic, as each living life form expect water to endure. It is likewise significant it help to keep water perfect just as unadulterated that assists with rationing condition. Thus, the CEO of the organization will have the option to diminish the utilization of water (Permanhani et al. 2016). Second Problem and Solution The organization ought to keep away from the utilization of polypropylene as it generally produced using regular sources, for example, biting gum just as shellac. They are altered from collagen that is a kind of elastic. The best answer for maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of polypropylene as a bundling material is reusing of bundling materials. This can likewise be executed with the assistance of progression in innovation that will prompt reprocessing of recyclable plastics. They should produce food in glass jostles instead of plastic containers. Plastic jugs are additionally considered as litter that are found on sea shores. Plastic packs act peril to natural life like well as to natural eyes (North and Halden 2013). End and Recommendation It is suggested that Eagle Health Valley ought to stay away from the utilization of polypropylene as it is comprised of a few layers that are covered together. Thus, it gets hard to reuse. Bundling is in any case, required for wellbeing and cleanliness. Subsequently, the organization requires to put forth attempts to make bundling that is a lot more slender and lighter. Bundling and transport goes about as two biggest natural issue with practicality drinks. Henceforth, the organization should utilize returnable glass bottles that goes about as the best natural alternative. It is suggested that the people ought to abstain from buying plastic water channel cartridges except if required. It is likewise prescribed to utilize the pre-owned plastic packs rather the new ones. The CEO requires to comprehend the use of water that will expand the reserve funds prospect and permit appropriate investment funds focus to be set up. The CEO ought to likewise attempt to move to waterless system that will assist with diminishing the water and spare water. Multi-load types of gear ought to be set to work ably with segregate settings for each cycle. It is presumed that that Eagle Health Valley may think that its hard to deal with the issues properly. Subsequently, it should execute corporate social duty that will assist with driving towards the products by organizing in promoting. Corporate social duty is perceived as a piece of the business establishment. It is reasoned that glass containers are increasingly protected when contrasted with plastic containers. References Carroll, A.B., 2015. Corporate social responsibility.Organizational Dynamics,44, pp.87-96. Mirvis, P.H., 2012. Corporate Social Responsibility.The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management: Short Entries, pp.153-159. North, E.J. furthermore, Halden, R.U., 2013. Plastics and natural wellbeing: the street ahead.Reviews on ecological health,28(1), pp.1-8. Permanhani, M., Costa, J.M., Conceio, M.A.F., de Souza, R.T., Vasconcellos, M.A.S. furthermore, Chaves, M.M., 2016. Shortfall water system in table grape: eco-physiological premise and potential use to spare water and improve quality.Theoretical and Experimental Plant Physiology,28(1), pp.85-108.

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Complete Guide To GTMetrix For Faster Load Times

Complete Guide To GTMetrix For Faster Load Times Businesses have now come to fully realize the importance of having an online presence, particularly its implications on profitability, growth and the ultimate achievement of organizational and business goals.That is why they are investing sizable amounts of their resources on setting up and maintaining their websites. They pay attention to a lot of things, particularly their content and SEO, even hiring outside help to move them along. As a result, they have websites with very good content and their rankings on search engines are high.But there is one aspect that most of them often overlook: their website speed. © GTMetrixIn this article, you will learn 1) why having a fast website is super important, 2) what is GTmetrix, 3) what packages does GTmetrix offer, and 4) how to use GTmetrix in order to speed up your website.THE NEED FOR SPEEDWebsite speed and loading times of websites have a great impact on the amount of traffic that a website gets. It’s not always about the content. How many times have you clicked on a link to a website, and ended up leaving a short while later because it seemed to take forever for the website to load? Probably more than a few times.The speed of a website is one of the things that improve a user’s overall experience. It leaves a good first impression for first-time visitors and will no doubt encourage them to return. This is especially crucial for e-commerce sites; potential buyers may choose not to purchase anything from a website for the simple reason that it takes too long for them to view the merchandise or goods being sold.In one recent survey, it was revealed that there is a 4-second window within which a website visitor decides whether they should move on or not, based solely on the speed of the website. If, after 4 seconds, the website has not loaded, they are most likely to close it, or move on to another website.This is certainly not a good thing, especially when users are making use of a smartphone or any mobile device. A chain reaction would reflect in the website’s ranking in search engines. Google, for example, would rank slow sites low, because its “mobile-first” approach requires that a website should be able to load within one second. It is definitely in keeping with Google’s policy of using page speed to determine rankings in search engines.But all hope is not lost. Businesses can measure their website speed and loading times and troubleshoot, when necessary, using a variety of tools made available to them. One of the most commonly used and popular tools is GTMetrix.WHAT IS GTMETRIX?GTMetrix is basically a to ol that is used to determine the performance of websites. It was developed by, a hosting provider with data centers around the world, for its managed hosting built GTMetrix to use Yahoo! YSlow and Google PageSpeed in evaluating and reposting on the various factors that affect the speed of a website. PageSpeed is an open-source module developed by Google purposely to identify the faults, if any, in the compliance of a website to the guidelines of Google, as laid out in its Web Performance Best Practices. YSlow, on the other hand, is Yahoo!’s own PageSpeed tool, which will also check compliance of Yahoo!’s rules for best practices and exceptional performance.It is a free tool, so those who are trying it out for the first time can use the Basic account. However, there are also four GTMetrix PRO packages for clients and developers who want to get more out of the tool: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Custom, with different pricing and features.Key Features of GTMetr ixLet us take a look at the suite of features that you can get out of GTMetrix.1. Comprehensive Report PageGTMetrix provides a summary of your website’s performance, particularly on the following:Page Load Speed. GTMetrix makes use of the rulesets of Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow to analyze the loading speed of your page.Total Page SizeTotal Number of RequestsPage Performance. GTMetrix compares the performance of your page with that of the average of all the other websites that it has analyzed.2. Page Performance TrackingYou can keep watch over the performance of your website in real-time using GTMetrix.Scheduled monitoring. Page monitoring is facilitated and can be done on your preferred schedule. You can run tests on a daily basis or, if you prefer, you can do it periodically, such as weekly and monthly. This way, you can spot problems when they arise, and be able to anticipate other issues and act on them before they even occur.Alerts and notifications. Never miss important activities on your page performance, since you can set alerts so you will be notified on your PageSpeed and YSlow scores, Total Page Size, Page Load Time, and Total Number of Requests.Performance history. If you want to look up your site’s performance during a specific period, you do not have to wade through a long list of activities on your history tab. GTMetrix has a facility that allows you to set a date range so you will only be able to see the data that you require.Interactive graphs. GTMetrix lets website owners and developers get a visual representation of website performance using three types of graphs:Page Load Time, or the length of time it takes for a page of a website to fully loadPage Size Request Counts, which has something to do with the bytes of the content of the pagePageSpeed and YSlow ScoresThese graphs become even more helpful, since users can annotate the areas of interest on the graphs.3. Real-World Mobile Performance Data AnalysisWith the increasing usage of mobile devices for Internet browsing activity and transactions, it is only right to make sure your website is optimized for mobile view. GTMetrix lets you know whether your page performs just as well on a mobile device. It uses the URL of your website to pass through an actual Android device, and you get actual performance data on the page load of your website on mobile devices.This analysis will provide information that will be used when you optimize your website for mobile users. By improving the page loading time of your page on mobile devices, you will be increasing the likelihood of mobile users repeatedly viewing your site.4. Video playback featureGetting data presented in tables and graphs is one thing; seeing it happen in a video is another. Somehow, the latter is more persuasive and makes the performance monitoring more real.GTMetrix lets you view videos that show playbacks of your page loads. This will give you a clearer idea of how your page is performing in terms of s peed. By doing so, you will be able to identify the exact areas where bottlenecks take place, or where the loading stops altogether.While it is true that other speed-testing tools have video features, GTMetrix offers more functionality.Instead of going through all the page loads to find what you are looking for, you can opt to just identify major milestones on your page load history and jump to them directly. This easily saves time and effort.Playback can be slowed down to give you a better picture of how your page loads. At normal speed, it is possible that you might miss something crucial. But you can slow down the playback speed â€" even up to 4x slower! â€" to be able to evaluate it better.The Filmstrip view allows you to watch a frame-by-frame playback of the entire real-time loading process. Just like slowing it down, this feature also gives you better chances of identifying problem areas.The playback feature also works to provide you a picture on how it performs on a mobile d evice, providing you a video capture of how your page loads on mobile.5. Multi-region testingGTMetrix has 13 servers all over the world, situated in 7 regions. To date, the regions where GTMetrix have these servers are:Vancouver, Canada (where is based)Dallas, USALondon, United KingdomSydney, AustraliaSao Paulo, BrazilMumbai, IndiaHong Kong, Hong KongUsers do not have to worry about location and logistics becoming a limitation on how GTMetrix works in testing their sites. Tracking multiple URLS can be easily done from a single location.6. Data ArchivingUsers may keep report data they have saved for as long as they want, or need to. It is also easier to keep track of all the pages that are being monitored, because GTMetrix also has a weekly e-mail digest feature, which provides users with an overview of all important and major data in their inbox.For users who opt to invest more and upgrade to a GTMetrix PRO account, they can also save a video of the page load that triggered a ny monitored alert.7. Variability analysisPage performance is affected by several factors, including the connection speeds of users, the desktop browsers being used, and the effect of ads. GTMetrix takes all these into consideration.There are different types of browsers most commonly used by site viewers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. GTMetrix analyzes how your website loads on both browsers, showing you a clear comparison to see where your site loads faster and performs better.Connection throttling, in consideration of different connection speeds. GTMetrix loads your page on these different speeds, from Dial-Up to Cable and Broadband, in its simulations. This will enable you to optimize your page in such a way that it can be easily and quickly viewed by users, regardless of their connection speed.8. Authentication and security featuresIf your page requires users to log in, GTMetrix inputs cookie session data in order to scan it and assess its performance. It also does the same thing to pages that are using HTTP authentication.GTMetrix also has a feature for a blacklist or a whitelist. The blacklist is for those resources that you want blocked from loading on your page (causing the page load time to be longer), while the whitelist is for the resources that are allowed to be loaded. Being able to clearly define and distinguish the resources through these lists will facilitate the continuous monitoring of your page performance.GTMETRIX PLANSAs mentioned earlier, using GTMetrix is free, unless you want to upgrade to more functionalities and features.When you want more, you have the option of getting GTMetrix PRO. Take a look at the following available GTMetrix plans so you can see what is most suitable for your needs.BASICThis is the free account, which allows monitoring of up to three URLs and maintaining an archive with a maximum of 20 URLs. It also allows 20 daily API credits, and lets users find reports quickly using custom filters.BRONZEAt a monthly fee of $14.95, you can get more out of the Basic features. Instead of three URLs, you can monitor up to 10 URLs and maintain an archive of up to 100 URLs. The daily API credit is 100, which is certainly higher than the 20 daily API available in the Basic account. As for the report filters, you can create as many custom filters as you want.These Add-ons are the features that are available only with the BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, AND CUSTOM accounts:Priority access is given, so you do not have to wait long for your analysis to be performed.GTMetrix PRO users have the benefit of being able to monitor their URLs on an hourly basis.Monitoring of URLs can be done from anywhere in the world, even from remote locations.Monitored alerts are further made more effective, since they can be captured on video, with the video capture serving as documentation of what triggered the alert.SILVERThe Silver account charges a monthly fee of $49.95, and has more offerings. Monitoring is allowed for a maximum of 20 URLs, and up to 200 site reports can be maintained in an archive. There are certainly more API credits, because Silver allows 500 daily credits. Custom filters are also unlimited. It also has the same Add-on features as enumerated under the BRONZE account.GOLDThe Gold account costs more, at a hefty sum of $149.95 monthly. But there are certainly more features. You can create as many custom filters as you want, and the daily API credits can go up to 1500. You can also track more URLs, reaching up to 50 URLs. The archive of your site’s reports can also hold up to 500.Aside from the Add-on features that Bronze and Silver accounts have, the Gold account also lets users generate white-labeled PDF reports, customized with their own company or business logo and brand name.CUSTOMThis is probably the most flexible option. The users get to pretty much decide on the features that they want: the number of URLs to monitor and reports to maintain in its archive; the number of API credits for their daily applications, and the number of report filters they can customize for their own use. Of course, it goes without saying that they will also enjoy all the Add-on features available to a Gold account user.The fee that will be paid for a custom GTMetrix PRO account will depend on the features that the users will choose to incorporate into their account.HOW TO USE has certainly made it very easy for users to make the most of GTMetrix.Anyone can use GTMetrix to analyze their website performance. All they have to do is go to the website for GTMetrix, input their URL into the box marked “Analyze Performance of:”, then click “GO!”But it is highly recommended to create an account in order to avail of the useful features of the Basic account. Signing up for an account is free.“Sign Up” to create an account.Enter your URL into the box, and click on GO!You will receive a Report Card on your site’s performance. The Performance Report will show:Your Page S peed Grade, YSlow Grade, Page Load Time, Total Page Size, and Total Number of Requests.A timeline, which shows how long it took each piece or page of your site to load.A historical comparison to prior speed tests that you have performed on the site.A list of possible solutions to slow generation time issues.Recommendations and optimization tips, such as when GTMetrix automatically detects that you are running on a WordPress site.It’s pretty easy and simple! Now it is up to you what to do with the information that you obtained from using GTMetrix in order to improve your site’s overall performance. You can work on improving on the problem areas and repeat the test all over again, until such time that you are fully satisfied with the grade or the scores you are getting on your performance reports. It is highly recommended to keep a record of all the reports so you can track your progress.When testing your site using GTMetrix, take note of the following tips:Do not test your homepa ge only. Your website has different pages aside from the homepage; test each of those pages.Do not settle on testing a page only once; test them twice, thrice, and several times over.Test the pages from multiple locations.COMPLAINTS AGAINST GTMETRIXDespite the fact that GTMetrix ranks high among the top website speed-testing tools and analyzers, there are still some complaints against it.GTMetrix does not offer variable testing. According to some developers, this would have significantly reduced the total testing time.GTMetrix does not take the host in consideration. GTMetrix considers variable connection speeds as well as the different browsers used, but it would also have been better if it also takes into account the differences in hosts. After all, there are hosts that are much better than others, and the quality of the hosts also have an impact on the speeds of users.These few complaints, however, do not negate the fact that GTMetrix is a very effective tool that provides in-dep th analysis on page performance. No wonder it is always present in various lists of top website speed-testing tools and analyzers today.

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Analysis Of Palmer s Concrete Limited Liability Company

Individual Learning Project 2: Contemporary Management Technique: Business Process Improvement (BPI) Palmer’s Concrete Limited Liability Company Ken Davis Liberty University Introduction In the analysis of Palmer’s Concrete Limited Liability Company. The company seems to have many opportunities to regain the industrial statues that made them a thriving company prior to the 2007-2009 economic recession. Floyd Palmer, owner gives the company the most prestigious advantage, the combination of thirty-year’s experience. Although, Floyd is a Baby-Boomer he understands that hard work today does not come cheap for most his age. For Floyd, learning a skilled craft was the most important part of becoming successful. Floyd does not hold a college degree, as he began working with his father immediately after high school (Floyd Palmer, personal communication, November 15, 2015). Baker, (2013) published in the Chicago Tribune, â€Å"Why gaining work experience is more important than your education.† Baker argues that colleges are the first to tell you that you need more than a degree to get hired and graduates with work experience are more attract ive than those without. Palmer’s concrete needs a contemporary management technique as a defensive strategy than reactive. Several contemporary management techniques are analytical to this project, Benchmarking, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and Business Process Improvement (BPI). Contemporary Management Technique: RationaleShow MoreRelatedau2 exam - cga10692 Words   |  43 Pagescommittee meets once a year in order to approve the financial statements of the company. 2) The audit committee chair and the chief executive officer of the company possess financial expertise. 3) The audit committee is independent from the corporation and any past or current relationship. 4) The audit committee chair is a retired partner of the firm that currently audits the financial statements of the company. Continued... EAU2D12  ©CGA-Canada, 2012 Page 1 of 8 e. Which ofRead MoreCase Studies67624 Words   |  271 PagesCase Studies C-1 INTRODUCTION Preparing an effective case analysis C-3 CASE 1 CASE 2 CASE 3 CASE 4 CASE 5 CASE 6 CASE 7 ABB in China, 1998 C-16 Ansett Airlines and Air New Zealand: A flight to oblivion? C-31 BP–Mobil and the restructuring of the oil refining industry C-44 Compaq in crisis C-67 Gillette and the men’s wet-shaving market C-76 Incat Tasmania’s race for international success: Blue Riband strategies C-95 Kiwi Travel International Airlines Ltd C-105 CASE 8 Beefing up the beeflessRead MoreImproving Social Compliance in Bangladeshs Ready-Made Garment Industry9150 Words   |  37 Pagesof America and the European Union. Bangladeshs garment industry provides employment to about than 3.6 million workers which 2.8 million are women (Mahmud R.B., 2012). Workers in these garment factories are almost always illiterate. They have very limited knowledge of human rights, working conditions and labour standards. Despite the phenomenal success of the RMG sector, poor working conditions in the factories and a lack of Social compliance 3 are serious concerns which have, since 2006, led to labourRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesstrategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. You should consult with a professional where appropriate. Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. For general information on our other products and services or for technical support, please contact our Customer Care Department within the United States at (800) 762-2974, outside the UnitedRead MoreEngaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age12587 Words   |  51 PagesEngaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age (Free Executive Summary) Free Executive Summary Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age James Waldo, Herbert S. Lin, and Lynette I. Millett, Editors, Committee on Privacy in the Information Age, National Research Council ISBN: 978-0-309-10392-3, 456 pages, 6 x 9, hardback (2007) This free executive summary is provided by the National Academies as part of our mission to educateRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesHughes−Ginnett−Curphy The Art of M A: Merger/Acquisitions/Buyout Guide, Third Edition Reed−Lajoux and others . . . This book was printed on recycled paper. Management Copyright  ©2005 by The McGraw−Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a databaseRead MoreStuden Brand Comparison Betwen Apple and Samsung14106 Words   |  57 Pages....................................... 13 2.4 Methods to analyze data ................................................................... 14 2.4.1 Data preparation .................................................................. 14 2.4.2 Data analysis ....................................................................... 15 2.5 Validity ............................................................................................. 15 2.6 Reliability ............................................Read MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagesproviding a voice of reaso n amidst all the consultancy excitement of seemingly new ways of costing the business world. He has played a similar role in the area of accounting standard setting, both taking forward the British tradition of the economic analysis of financial accounting and, of possibly greater significance, providing some very original analyses of the possibilities for meaningful accounting standardization. With an agenda as rich as this, it is all the more praiseworthy that Michael maintainedRead MoreThe Effects of Ownership Structure, Board Effectiveness and Managerial Discretion on Performance of Listed Companies in Kenya27922 Words   |  112 PagesTHE EFFECTS OF OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE, BOARD EFFECTIVENESS AND MANAGERIAL DISCRETION ON PERFORMANCE OF LISTED COMPANIES IN KENYA ONGORE, VINCENT OKOTH Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in Business Administration, School of Business, University of Nairobi, Kenya. 2008. DECLARATION I declare that this thesis is my original work and, to the best of my knowledge, has not been submitted to any university for a degreeRead MoreStrategic Management20602 Words   |  83 PagesPart 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3  © Don Hammond/Design Pics/Corbis Strategic Management Inputs Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness, 2 The External Environment: Opportunities, Threats, Industry Competition, and Competitor Analysis, 32 The Internal Organization: Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, and Competitive Advantages, 68 Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Studying this chapter should provide you with the strategic management knowledge

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Cross Dressing Can Support as Well as Undermine Gender Norms - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1294 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Media Essay Type Essay any type Level High school Did you like this example? Cross Dressing Can Support as Well as Undermine Gender Norms Discuss with reference to 2/3 films. The representation of stereotypical gender identities in filmmaking has evolved throughout cinema history, primarily in accordance with changes in political and social values. The traditional gender stereotyping of the dominant male- the all-powerful, masculine hero and the spectacle of an emotional, submissive but desirable female counterpart, continues to dominate the filmmakers approach to image and narrative in mainstream commercial cinema. However there are examples of films which break with this stereotype as the boundaries which define this traditional role of the male and female are blurred. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Cross Dressing Can Support as Well as Undermine Gender Norms" essay for you Create order Many film critics have considered the essential appeal of cinema in relation to audience participation and the viewers willingness to temporarily suspend their views and judgments; to draw parallels, make assumptions and interpretation with the films fictionalised reality. The importance of the relationship between the spectacle and the spectator, the viewed and the viewer, continues to be integral to film theory and criticism. The viewer watches a film with pre-determined thoughts, values, expectations and prejudices. It is the purpose of the filmmaker to draw upon, guide and manipulate the audiences emotions and sense of realism. As David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson consider, Film form can make us perceive things anew, shaking us out of our accustomed habits and suggesting fresh ways of hearing, seeing, feeling, and thinking. The audiences interpretation of a film, the way in which we identify with the characters, is, as is often in life, judged upon initial appearance . The mise-en-scene of a film; namely the use of setting, lighting, costume, with the movement of the actors, visually dictates the story and the viewers sense of realism. These elements are of equal importance and as influential as the filmmakers use of camera shot, movement, technique and frame composition. Costume, props and make-up function as a guide in a film, contributing to a narrative with the creation of a specific mood. Assumptions can be made about a character before they have even spoken, based entirely upon their physical appearance. Film genres play with costume props and make-up extensively, typically for the purpose of creating realism, or to give impact to an image. The representation of cross-dressing in commercial mainstream cinema has conventionally been avoided or included for comic purpose. The disguise by the divorced husband played by Robin Williams as a female housekeeper in Mrs Doubtfire (1993) typifies the humorous and inoffensive approach to the taboo subject which had been previously explored in films such as Some Like It Hot'(1959) and Tootsie (1982). These were roles in which the male protagonist finds it necessary to disguise themselves as women so as to ensure their success and happiness in life, and is not meant as a representation of gender confusion or sexual ambivalence. Each dresses in drag for comic effect, it is visual clown comedy. Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire is a divorced man determined to remain with his children in any way possible, so becomes their female nanny. In Tootsie an unemployed actor disguises himself as a woman to get a role in a soap opera and becomes a star. In Some Like It Hot two musicians witness a mob hit and escape in an all-female band disguised as women. The audience are in on the joke alongside the men (played by Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) while the fellow characters remain humorously oblivious. The light hearted, harmless, and unquestionably unrealistic, approach to gender ident ity in such films reflects cinemas historical aesthetic tradition of telling a story which is the norm, familiar to its audiences, and marketed as entertainment for mass appeal The portrayal of cross-dressing in relation to gender and sexual confusion in cinema is stereotypically of a character tormented by pain and uncertainty. The film is subjective, following their personal journey as they seek personal happiness and fulfilment, and a release of their fears. Such gender identity is typically explored by filmmakers through psychoanalytical representation. A film which exemplifies such depiction is Alfred Hitchcocks film Psycho (1960). The film tells the story of Norman Bates, a crazed individual whose obsessive need of his mother (he literally preserves her body in his basement), leads him to become her. The silhouette of Norman wearing a dress and wig as he raises his arm and slashes the defenceless heroine of the film as she has a shower is perhaps the most well-known i mages of cross-dressing in cinema history. A psychiatrist explains to the viewer as the film ends, He was simply doing everything possible to keep alive the illusion of his mother being alive. And when reality came too close, when danger or desire threatened that illusion, he dressed up, even in a cheap wig hed bought. Hed walk about the house, sit in her chair, and speak in her voice. He tried to be his mother. Hitchcock is able to successfully manipulate his audience into identifying with each of the films victims in turn; firstly, with his female protagonist Marion Crane and then the male/female antagonist Norman Bates. The viewers emotions are shifted as Hitchcock forces us into exploring and comprehending the complex world of his mind and reconsider his identity and our interpretation of him. The gender coding of masculine restraint, with the emphasis upon physique and not emotional charge, is evocatively explored in Boys Dont Cry (1999), a film which powerfully addres ses the issue of sexual identity and gender roles. The film tells the story of Brandon Tenna (played by Oscar winning Hilary Swank), a young girl who successfully integrates herself into a small town Nebraskan community as a man, has a loving relationship with a woman, and who is later raped and murdered when it is discovered that he is in fact biologically female, given the birth name of Teena Brandon. Based upon a true story, filmmaker Kimberley Pierce explores not what it means being a lesbian but what it is to be a woman who feels that she is a man. Teena cuts her hair, tapes her breasts, and puts a sock down her trousers, hiding her female identity, and making not a sexual but a social transformation. The film is a graphic portrayal of the manifestation of hate, ignorance and ultimately the use of violence as a display of manhood. Significantly, it is not Teena who is represented as being crazed, but her attackers as they brutally rape her and shoot into her defenceless b ody. The viewer is forced to confront their own biases and prejudice as Pierce positions us without remission or apology throughout the shockingly explicit ordeals that Teena Brandon suffers. Pierce said of her film, I think its a universal story that affects people regardless of their sexual orientation à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ the point is to engage the audience as deeply as possible with all the characters and allow the audience to see itself reflected in all of them, in the tragedy as a whole. What makes the film so hauntingly frightening is its believability; that the rape and murder were so predetermined and could so likely happen again if a similar situation were to arise. Pierce asks the viewer to consider this. Cinema has the capacity to shift and change an audiences understanding and evaluation of a subject matter. The individual expression of an artistic vision by the filmmaker is open to a flexibility which invites interpretation and rethinking. The varied representation s of cross-dressing in films throughout cinema history, to the present day direct addressing of the taboo in films such as The Crying Game'(Neil Jordan, 1992) and Boys Dont Cry exemplifies how complex subject matters might dont necessarily alienate film audiences. Bibliography: Bordwell, David Thompson, Kristin. Film Art, New York: McGraw Hill. 1990. Francesca Miller. Putting Teena Brandons Story on Film. Gay Lesbian Review Worldwide. Volume: 7. Issue: 4. 2000.

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College Essay for Georgia Tech Free Essays

College Essay Lost in a world flooded with giant decisions that would affect the near future, an adolescent me siting confounded in my high school sophomore English class. Attempting to simply pass my classes with no clear plan for the approaching future I disregarded any statements made from my teachers, â€Å"You need to build good study habits for college. or â€Å"You need a plan for your life, or you will not succeed. We will write a custom essay sample on College Essay for Georgia Tech or any similar topic only for you Order Now † Completely focused on getting out of high school and earning mountains of money to live a lavish lifestyle, without any plan on how to achieve this goal I coasted through my classes day to day not attempting, ignoring the signs of my ignorant ways. All of this continued until I finally found something that peaked my interest, chemistry. The first day in my honors chemistry class I expected it to be like any other science class I had taken in the past, but the first class discussion was that scientists today have only discovered a minute amount of the workings of the universe and that by following a process, new relationships, not previously discovered, may present themselves. This idea of discovering something unheard of made me realized that I was going to enjoy chemistry. That afternoon I started on some additional practice problems out of the textbook. Starting the first problem I had this feeling that I would make a mistake and get the problem incorrect; on the contrary, following the process discussed in class that day made the problem seem almost effortless. Before I knew it I was already done with that problem and had completed four more just like it. Doing these problems gave me a sense of self-assurance and the feeling that I actually understood chemistry, not like English where I felt like all of the essays and parts of speech were out to get me. Chemistry was different, not like my English class where I slacked off with my work or my history class where my attention was typically not on the teacher. Every moment in chemistry I had my full attention directed at the teacher, taking notes, asking questions about practice problems I had worked on the previous night, or trying to find out more about this possibility of finding a new discovery. Something with chemistry just seemed to click in my brain, whether it be the combination of math and science in perfect harmony or just my urge for the discovery of something new about how toms interact with one another. This growing interest in chemistry struck an idea in my head, â€Å"I want to do this for a living after high school. † With this concept laying in my brain the search for careers involving chemistry and good colleges to attend for that sort of career commenced. Sifting through pages upon pages of job and college searches I stumbled upon chemical engineering a career that involved chemistry and math, the two subjects I have a passion for. Upon finding this new career, Georgia Tech, the best engineering college in Georgia and one of the best ranked colleges in the nation, came up, and I realized that this prestigious institution was the place for me. With doing more research about Tech their strenuous academic requirements told me that if I really wanted to attend this college I would have to take much harder courses that actually challenged me in school, and I would have to strive for perfection not only in the classes that I enjoyed, science and math, but the classes that did not exactly peak my interest, English and history. My behavior promptly changed into a very studious one. This new behavior turned out to help me exponentially with my weaknesses in school, and has helped me develop a plan for my future. Following this plan will increase my academic standings allowing me to attend Georgia Tech and get a degree in chemical engineering, which will perpetually satisfy my desire for solving problems that combine science and math. Changing from a â€Å"passing student† to an â€Å"accelerated student† has developed my work ethic, I now know what it takes to take a place among the top students in my student body and make a name for myself. How to cite College Essay for Georgia Tech, Essays

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Mammon and Archer free essay sample

Mammon and the Archer Most of O. Henrys( the real name is William Sydney Porter. ) stories are set in his own time, the early 20th century. Many take place in New York City and deal for the most part with ordinary people: clerks, policemen, waitresses. O. Henrys work is wide- ranging, and his characters can be found roaming the cattle-lands of Texas, exploring the art of the con-man, or investigating the tensions of class and wealth in turn-of- the-century New York. O. Henry had an inimitable hand for isolating some element of ociety and describing it with an incredible economy and grace of language. This story retells about Richard a young man who comes home to his father -Mr. Rockwell after graduation from college . Richards fell in love but the girl that he loves doesnt know shes always busy . He insists that the money cant change this situation. We will write a custom essay sample on Mammon and Archer or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page His aunt Ellen gave him an old gold ring . After that Richards met miss Lantry and went with her to the theater in a cab and they stuck in a traffic Jam and then Richards and M. Lantry had the chance to know each other and she promised to marry Richards . At he end came to light that his father paid to different persons to organize the traffic jam deliberately to give to Richards the possibility to talk to miss Lantry. Mammon and the Archer is a problem story aiming at social generalization . The main idea of the story is that money cant buy love but it could be a quite important catalyst. ln this text we can find a social significance that money rule everything and you can easily find and keep love using your money,this is peoples thought,most of us admit that to be rich is the most important thing in life. My personal understanding of the ext is that real love is a gift and you can love and be loved without being rich. The title Mammon and the Archer is appropriate to the text reflects the story; Mammon is the symbol of richness or evil, this name appears in the New testament and in nowadays it reflects the shallow humans happiness; the Archer is the symbol of pure unconditional love . The title is a metaphor expresses the interaction between love and money. The form of speech is dialogical and narrative ; the story begins by a description of a place and circumstances associated with the story: Old Anthony Rockwall, retired manufacturer and proprietor of Rockwalls Eureka Soap, looked out the library window of his Fifth Avenue mansion and grinned. Richards is a young man ,hes a dreamer believes in the true love There are some things that money cant accomplish, remarked young Rockwall, rather gloomily. He is not a materialist he doesnt wear expensive clothes and as his father says ,Richards is a gentleman : Youve got as much money to waste as any of em, and yet you stick to whats decent and moderate. . Hes romantic and open-hearted. Anthony Rockwall s a rich man and at the same time hes a wise man,he has life experience and hes quite sure that money can change everything :do you mean to tell me that with all the money Ive got you cant get an hour or two of a girls time for yourself? The climax of the story is when Richards gets in the traffic Jam with miss. Lantry, here we find an interesting implied shade we wont know how the story ends we could think that the dropping of the ring and the traffic Jam are a chance given by the destiny One of those street blockades had occurred that sometimes tie up commerce and